Sensors Set  v.

"Sensors Set Ver.0.8" is for the developers to use the sensors in your Windows Phone application. ■Accelerometer (1) The values of acceleration on the X, Y, and Z axes. (2) The angles. (3) An object moves in a circle when you move your device.

Sensors Free  v.

This straight forward application simply displays real time data from all of your devices sensors on a single screen. Track your GPS location, speed, altitude and course alongside compass heading for true and magnetic north.


Hardware sensors monitor  v.

Ultimate Computer's health monitor!

Grand::Sensors Viewer  v.1.03

See all sensor data on Windows 8 and Windows 7.

WaveWin  v.2.0

Wavewin Sniffer allows for directly capturing AC/DC transient data from a laptop computer. The Sniffer is a mini DAU unit that includes a small hand held recorder with up to 8 non intursive clamp on hall-effect current sensors.

Lanmisoft Home Automation  v.2.2.0

The program Lanmisoft Home Automation is based on relay boards with FTDI FT245R USB to parallel FIFO chip and Maxim 1-wire temperature sensors.

WeatherBug for Win8 UI  v.1.0

Access the largest global network of real-time weather sensors to get the most accurate weather info in the world!

Oak Studio Installer  v.10

The Oak product family of Toradex combines the cost and performance advantage of highly integrated precision sensors and multi purpose generic interfaces with the ease-of-use of a standard and low cost USB connection.

XtraSense Surveillance

It's a surveillance system and a 24 hour video recorder that supports 16 cameras(IP, web, analog and DV cameras) and 8 sensors. Features include motion detection with masking area, FTP images to remote server, alarm notification by email(pictures

VeriFinger Standard SDK Trial

Multiplatform fingerprint identification SDK. Based on reliable fingerprint recognition technology with matching speed up to 40,000 fingerprints per second. Supports more than 20 major fingerprint scanners and sensors on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Position Transducers Applications

Accent Novotechnik Position Transducers Applications are described with categories - Linear Contactless, Linear Potentiometric, Rotary Sensors. Using this Application, users can learn how and where to apply the sensors in Industrial Applications.

ServerSentinel  v.3.2.2

ServerSentinel monitors servers, network services, hard drives and memory usage with various sensors and individually definable testing intervals. In case of failures, it notifies you immediately. The results are stored in a dedicated database.

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